We started as part of the DESY group F34 working on photo production of neutral pions using a novel multielement lead glass counter. In collaboration with F32 a first measurement of inclusive electroproduction of neutral pions was performed including an early test of the quark-parton model: Electroproduction of neutral pions and test of the quark-parton model  (Physics Letters B70, 471, 1977)

In 1977 we joined the PLUTO experiment at the DESY electron positron storage ring DORIS. We contributed a bit to the central paper Observation of a narrow resonance in e+e annihilation at 9.46 GeV. (Physics Letters B76, 243, 1978)

We were much involved (thesis W. Wagner) in the analysis of τ-lepton decay: Spin parity analysis of the decay τ –>ν ρ π (Zeitschrift f. Physik C3, 193, 1980)

PLUTO was selected as one of the four first round experiments at the new DESY electron positron storage ring PETRA. I had the honor to present the PLUTO results on the discovery of the gluon at the 1979 Electron Photon Conference (Fermilab, Chicago).

We designed and (partially) constructed two forward spectrometers for the PLUTO at PETRA project. Using this instrument the focus of our research were the so called two photon reactions. Some pioneering results were achieved, e.g. the first measurement of inclusive hadron production in gamma gamma interactions: Hadron Production from photon-photon interactions in the cm energy range from 1 to 5 GeV. (Physics Letters B89, 120, 1979)

Other novel investigations include:

  • First measurement of the two photon decay width of the tensor meson f2(1270): Lepton and hadron pair production in two-photon reactions. (Physics Letters B94, 254, 1980)
  • First measurement of inclusive hadron production in electron photon scattering: Inelastic electron photon scattering at moderate four momentum transfers. (Physics Letters B99, 287,1981)
  • First measurement of the photon structure function: First measurement of the photon structure function F2,γ (Physics Letters B107, 168, 1981)
  • Measurement and QCD analysis of the photon structure function (first paper represents the thesis of A. Deuter): Measurement of the photon structure function F2(x,Q2) (Physics Letters B142, 111, 1984)  and Measurement and QCD analysis of the photon structure function F2(x,Q2(Nuclear Physics B281, 365, 1987).

After the forced end of PLUTO at Petra we left DESY for a while and joined the Fréjus experiment which was designed for a measurement of the proton lifetime. We were partly responsible for the central paper: Lifetime limits on (B-L)-violating nucleon decay and di-nucleon decay modes from the Fréjus Experiment. (Physics Letters B269, 227, 1991)

In addition we studied neutrino oscillations. Our analysis (Diploma-thesis R. Nisius) led to much improved limits but for a positve result the detector was too small: A study of atmospheric neutrino oscillations in the Frejus Experiment. (Physics Letters B245, 305, 1990). We did not sign the much later negative paper Z. Phys. C66, 417 (1995).

We then belonged to the founding groups of the H1 experiment at the DESY electron proton storage ring HERA. Our group designed and built the readout electronics for the muon detector and in addition the muon trigger.  Typical examples of an analysis performed in our group are (thesis R. Nisius): Determination of the strong coupling constant from jet rates in deep inelastic scattering (Physics Letters B346, 415, 1995) or more recently (thesis J. Scheins): Search for new physics in eq contact interactions at HERA (Physics Letters B568, 35, 2003) .